Autumn 2018 admission

PhD Program Board considers complete applications received on or before midnight EST on the deadline.

Admission decisions are made from mid-February to late-February. You will be notified by email when a decision has been made.

The application review consists of two Rounds.

Round 1. Review of the application materials.

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to

Round 2. Interview (personal or video call)

Review of the application materials.

All required application materials (below) must be submitted.

PDF files of materials (as email attachments) should be sent to


You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

In the application you will be required to fill out four sections :

Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials.

Some additional information may be requested of applicants who proceed to Round 2.

1. Personal Information

In this section of the application, you will be required to provide your ID/Passport copy and a cover letter including email addresses of at least two recommenders.

2. Academic History

(1) Completion of Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, transcripts (unofficial copies of ALL transcripts)

(2) Completion of Master’s Degree or equivalent. Official transcripts may be requested of applicants who proceed to Round 2 of applications review.

Remark: If you have not yet finished your Master’s degree but will be finishing before the start of the programme, please send us those transcripts already available, write when you expect to complete your degree, and prove later that you completed the Master’s degree.

(3) Certificate in English, Level B1

3. Supporting Information


4. Program Materials

(1) Letter of Recommendation:

Please submit the names and email addresses of two recommenders. They will receive instructions on how to submit the recommendation letter on your behalf. The admissions committee prefers recommendations from academics familiar with your scholarly work and research capabilities; those from faculty members with whom you have worked in a research capacity are particularly valued.

(2) Personal Statement (include Essay Questions below)

A) Statement of Purpose: Please describe why you wish to pursue a doctoral degree in Mathematics. Please also explain why you believe that TSU International Doctoral Programme fits you well.

B) Research Interest: Please describe any significant academic research experience you have had, if any. Indicate who you worked with, the topic you studied, the skills you developed, activities you engaged in and the output from the project (e.g., conference paper, publication, etc.).


Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to this round.

The candidate will be offered a topic for preparing a short presentation.

The superiority of the application materials and the presentation of the topic

are the main selection criteria.

Some additional information may be requested of applicants.

Admission 2018

APPLICATION TIMELINE. (Exact dates will be announced)

December February March
2017 25/2018 2018
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